Image of Manuela

What was the animal’s name?


What type of animal? Be specific if known.


Year of death:


Age at time of death:


Where did the animal live (or die):

Monterrey ,Mexico

What message of remembrance do you have for this animal:

To my beloved Manuela, the first dog I rescued from the streets in Mexico. You were so special and kind I think you are today a being of light , an angel. I miss you and I love you.

Tell us this animal’s story:

Manuela was a street dog that wandered around the University of Monterrey. I was an art student at the time. One day I just saw her laying down in a flood of blood. A student helped me get her in the car and I took her to the Veterinary. She had a tumour , she needed surgery. I sold raffle tickets for two of my drawings to pay for her treatment. When Manuela recovered, she was the most faithful, kind, and expressive dog I had ever met. I lived still at my parent's house. They didn't accept Manuela. I had to give her away. I still do not forgive myself.

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